Course Outline

Day 1

  • "Big picture" of the virtualization ecosystem
  • History of QEMU development
  • CPU features related to virtualization
  • Installing QEMU from packages
  • Installing QEMU from source
  • Full-system emulators
  • Using the QEMU console
  • Available machine types and peripheral devices
  • VirtIO
  • Guest drivers
  • Disk image formats
  • Managing virtual machine snapshots
  • Networking in virtual machines
  • Graphics adapters
  • Audio devices
  • Nested virtualization
  • User-level emulators
  • Registration of foreign binaries through binfmt-misc
  • Cross-architecture chroots and containers

Day 2

  • The role of Libvirt in the virtualization ecosystem
  • Supported hypervisors and container technologies
  • QEMU Machine protocol (QMP)
  • Running QEMU headless
  • QXL video card and SPICE display
  • Available SPICE viewers
  • Creating virtual machines with "virt-install" and "virt-clone" command-line tools
  • Using "virt-manager" graphical application to create and run virtual machines
  • Editing virtual machine configuration and libvirt settings with "virsh" low-level tool
  • Using libguestfs tools (guestfish, virt-sysprep) to manipulate disk image contents
  • Networking and firewall in libvirt
  • Accessing libvirt remotely
  • Overview of web-based frontends for libvirt
  • Highlights from recent KVM-related conferences

Bonus topics available in classroom only (i.e. only short descriptions, not demonstrations, are available in remote courses):

  • Running Mac OS X in KVM (if at least one participant has a Mac with Linux installed)
  • 3D graphics with VirGL
  • 3D graphics with Intel GPU (must be of Broadwell, Skylake or early Kabylake family, i.e. 5th-7th generation, not later) and igvtg, or the equivalent "mediated passthrough" for NVidia Quadro and Tesla cards
  • Video card passthrough (if there is a desktop available with two video cards, ideally AMD)
  • USB device pass-through


General Linux command line skills, working TCP/IP knowledge

 14 Hours

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