Course Outline

Introduction to Generative AI

  • Understanding Generative AI
  • Key concepts: GANs, VAEs, and more
  • Generative AI in the context of cyber security

Generative AI in Cyber Attacks

  • Overview of AI-powered cyber threats
  • Deepfakes and their use in social engineering attacks
  • AI in malware creation and propagation

Generative AI in Cyber Defense

  • AI-driven threat detection systems
  • Generative AI for security testing and simulation
  • Enhancing cyber resilience with Generative AI

Ethical and Legal Implications

  • Ethical considerations of using Generative AI in cyber security
  • Legal frameworks governing AI in cyber security
  • Balancing innovation with ethical use of technology

Case Studies

  • Analysis of real-world cyber attacks involving Generative AI
  • Review of successful AI implementations in cyber defense

Future of Cyber Security with Generative AI

  • Predicting future trends in AI and cyber security
  • Preparing for emerging threats
  • Strategic planning for AI integration in cyber security

Hands-On Workshops

  • Simulating AI-powered cyber attacks and defenses
  • Developing a Generative AI ethics policy for your organization
  • Creating a strategic plan for AI in cyber security

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of basic cyber security concepts and practices
  • Experience with IT management or cyber security operations is beneficial
  • A willingness to explore the intersection of AI and cyber security


  • Cyber security professionals
  • IT managers
  • Policy makers and strategists
  • Business leaders
 28 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant

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