Course Outline

Manage Subscriptions and Resources

  •     Managing Azure Subscriptions
  •     Access Management for Cloud Resources
  •     Monitoring and Diagnostics
  •     Log Analytics
  •     Azure Resource Manager
  •     Azure Tools

Implementing and Managing Storage

  •     Overview of Azure Storage
  •     Storage Services
  •     Securing and Managing Storage
  •     Storing and Accessing Data
  •     Monitoring Storage

Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines

  •     Overview of Azure Machines
  •     Creating Virtual Machines
  •     Deploying Virtual Machine Images
  •     Configuring Virtual Machines
  •     Configuring Availability and Extensibility
  •     Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines

Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

  •     Azure Virtual Networks
  •     Azure DNS
  •     Securing Virtual Network Resources
  •     Connecting Virtual Networks

Manage Identities

  •     Managing Azure Active Directory
  •     Managing Azure Active Directory Objects
  •     Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identities


  • An understanding of cloud computing.
  • Experience with basic networking.
  • Security experience.


  • Server Administrators
  • IT Professionals
  • Engineers
 35 Hours

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