Course Outline

Introduction to Advanced AUTOSAR RTE Development

  • Overview of RTE development
  • Advanced features and benefits of AUTOSAR RTE
  • Review of RTE design patterns and their applications
  • AUTOSAR RTE component overview

Understanding RTE Configuration and Generation

  • Overview of AUTOSAR RTE configuration
  • RTE configuration parameters and settings
  • Configuration of RTE triggers and events
  • Generation of RTE code using configuration tools

Working with Advanced RTE Components

  • RTE Event Manager
  • RTE Communication
  • RTE Mode Switch
  • RTE Timing Extensions
  • RTE Data Monitoring

Testing and Debugging of AUTOSAR RTE

  • Test case design and execution
  • Debugging techniques and tools for AUTOSAR RTE
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of RTE issues

Learning Advanced Topics in AUTOSAR RTE Development

  • Memory Management in AUTOSAR RTE
  • Implementation of RTE in multicore and distributed systems
  • Best practices for RTE performance optimization
  • AUTOSAR RTE and ISO 26262 compliance

Conducting Project Work

  • Practical project work to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the course
  • Participants will work on an RTE development project, using real-world examples and scenarios

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of AUTOSAR architecture and components
  • Knowledge of C programming language
  • Knowledge of software development principles and techniques
  • Familiarity with RTE configuration tools such as Vector DaVinci Configurator Pro or EB Tresos


  • Software engineers
  • Developers
  • Architects in automotive software projects
 35 Hours

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