Course Outline

Fundamentals & Basics

Using the MATLAB® environment

Essential Mathematics for control systems using MATLAB®

Graphics and Visualization

Programming using MATLAB®

GUI Programming using MATLAB®(optional)

Introduction to Control systems and Mathematical Modeling using MATLAB®

Control Theory using MATLAB®

Introduction to systems modeling using SIMULINK®

Simulink® internals (signals, systems, subsystems, simulation Parameters,…etc)

Stateflow for automotive systems(Automotive Body Controller application)

Introduction to MAAB( Mathworks® Automotive Advisory Board)

Introduction to AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR SWCs modeling using Simulink®

Simulink Tool boxes for Automotive systems

Hydraulic Cylinder Simulation

Introduction to SimDrivelin (Clutch Models ,Gera Models)(Optional)

Modeling ABS (Optional )

Modeling for Automatic Code Generation

Model Verification Techniques


Basic programming skills, Control Theory knowledge

 28 Hours

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