Course Outline


Installation and Configuration

  • Zabbix architecture
  • Installation: Server, WEB interface and agent
  • Initial configuration
  • Zabbix definitions
  • WEB interface overview

Data Collection and Monitoring

  • Configuration management by using templates
  • Agent-less monitoring
  • Data collection - hosts, Zabbix agent checks
  • Data visualization - simple graphs, overview
  • Problem detection - triggers, less sensitive triggers, dependencies
  • Data collection - aggregate and calculated checks
  • Data visualization - custom graphs

Events and Alerts

  • Events
  • Notifications and escalations - media types, actions, operations

Zabbix Administration and Monitoring

  • Automatic recovery by using remote commands
  • Host and host group level maintenance
  • Zabbix Administration - working time, housekeeper, authentication, front-end scripts
  • Managing permissions - users and user groups, audit
  • Automatic discovery - network discovery, active agent auto-registration
  • Command line utilities: zabbix_get, zabbix_sender


  • Proxy overview
  • Maintenance and operations - best practices, DB sizing, upgrades

Summary and Next Steps


  • Familiarity with Linux/Unix systems
  • Basic understanding of networking and system administration
  • General knowledge of monitoring tools and concepts
  • Exposure to DevOps practices such as CI/CD, infrastructure as code, and agile methodologies


  • System administrators looking to implement automated monitoring solutions
  • DevOps engineers aiming to integrate Zabbix into their CI/CD pipeline
  • Network administrators responsible for maintaining network health and performance
  • IT professionals and support engineers with experience in monitoring systems who want to deepen their understanding of Zabbix
 14 Hours

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