Course Outline

Introduction to Oracle

  • Database Architecture
  • Relational model database
  • Users diagrams sessions
  • Tools

Introduction to the SELECT statement

  • Screening and selection (WHERE clause)
  • sorting
  • Data types, operators, and service NULL
  • Built-in scalar functions
  • Actions to date
  • National and regional settings in SQL

Regular expressions

The analysis of aggregated data

  • Grouping functions
  • DISTINCT clause
  • Clauses GROUP BY and HAVING

Retrieving data from multiple tables

  • Inner and outer joins (INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN)
  • ANSI SQL syntax, and other methods connectors (SELF JOIN, NATURAL JOIN)
  • Collective operators (UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, MINUS)


  • Subqueries simple
  • Correlated subqueries
  • Operators EXISTS and NOT EXISTS
  • Other types of subqueries

Inquiries hierarchical and samples

  • Construction of the tree (CONNECT BY PRIOR clause and START WITH)
  • Data samples (SAMPLE clause)

Data manipulation (DML)

  • Operations on a large set of (INSERT FIRST INSERT ALL, MERGE)

Concurrent users work

  • Transactions
  • Locks

Overview of schema objects

  • Vistas
  • Sequences
  • Synonyms private and public
  • Indexes
 21 Hours

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